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    Josie’s teaching style comes from her passion for life, nature and healing. She provides a safe space where you can both heal and discover your true strengths.

    Josie is known for her playful and nonjudgmental nature in her classes, she truly embraces and lives the yoga lifestyle.


    Coming from a very small town in Northern Idaho, where at the age of 11, her yoga journey began. After many years of building her own practice, she completed her 200RYT Yoga Alliance certification and 300 RYT YA in the depths of the Costa Rican rain forest. With many years of teaching and leading teacher trainings internationally, she now holds a 500ERYT.


    In her classes she teaches the fundamentals of each asana/posture allowing you to flow freely and safely to achieve all of the benefits. Her hope is to assist in finding peace, love, harmony and balance through yoga so that you can bring it to your daily life.

    "My love of yoga stems from the peace of mind I found when I discovered yoga. The spiritual, mental and physical benefits that yoga provides have helped to clear my mind and keep me focused on what is important to me in my life. This power of yoga is so transformative, and it can't be explained, it can only be experienced."


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    I have a YouTube channel that I have created multiple practices for you to enjoy for free!

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    7 night/ 8 day yoga retreat

    A retreat that will help lead you to your bliss! Take a journey... one that will challenge you, invigorate you and inspire you to follow your bliss. Filled with daily Yoga & Meditation, adventures and much needed time to relax and restore. There is no better place to delve deeper into your yourself as you discover your bliss!

    Whether you are just discovering yoga or a daily practitioner, this retreat is for you!


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    “Josie has literally changed my life. I came to her in the midst of lots of pain in my lower back and body due to auto immune diseases. Through her therapeutic sessions and loving spirit I am now proud to say I am in full remission and pain-free. She has played a large role in my mental, spiritual and physical health. I cannot recommend her enough.”

    -Dan Reynolds / Lead singer of Imgaine Dragons


    "From the moment I started taking class from Josie she has changed my entire view of yoga. Her teaching style has truly set the bar for me. Josie gives more instruction than anyone I have ever taken class from. She has an effortless way of teaching yoga so that you remember the poses and can correct your own posture and find your own unique flow. I have improved faster taking Josie’s class than any other class. I take her voice with me whenever I practice yoga. She also is extremely conscious and present and full of gratitude. She incorporates those things into her unique teaching style. I tell everyone to take a Josie class and most people become addicted just like me."

    - Aja Volkman / Singer (Lead singer of Nico Vega)


    "I was having a hard time with my tightness and flexibility. After only a few sessions with Joise, I felt so much better. I continued with her 5 days a week."

    -Jason Hook / Lead Guitarist of Five Finger Death Punch



    "Josie has been my private yoga instructor for over a year. She is by far not only the best yoga instructor but the best fitness professional in any realm I’ve encountered. She is unparalleled in knowledge and very patient and compassionate. She has made a tremendous difference in my yoga practice and I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking help in elevating their practice."

    - Jeff Abraham / CEO Absorbtion Pharmaceuticals


    "Working with Josie the past year has changed the way we feel inside and out. She has helped us tremendously on the importance of breathing and encouraging us to truly tap in with our body and mind. Yoga to a lot of people is just physical exercise to the body. Josie is the best at teaching us it’s a mind AND body connection. Whenever we finish our practice together we feel like we are walking on clouds. Josie has a beautiful light about her and that was the first thing we noticed when we met. We’re so grateful we get to continue to practice together!"

    - Jen & Larry Rudolf


    "Josie Sherwood has been my yoga teacher for several years and I have learned so much about what I thought my body could do and what I now know it can do...Yoga has prevented me from choosing surgery for my back issues. Josie has skillfully walked me through my yoga path, and smiling the whole time. She is extremely knowledgeable about the workings of the human body and has eliminated pain and stiffness within my body. I started in my 50's and this year I turn 60. She has shared her vast wisdom and technique with me and I am extremely grateful. I look forward to our weekly sessions. It is my hope that you will seek Josie out to begin or continue your daily yoga practice! It is never too

    late to begin the practice of Yoga!"

    -L. Collins

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